Top 6 Nail Trends for Summer 2023

Top 6 Nail Trends for Summer 2023

As summer approaches, our wardrobes fill with bright colors, floral prints, and lightweight fabrics perfect for warm weather. And our nails follow suit! Summer manicures give our fingers a chance to shine with vibrant hues, unique designs, and trendy textures that match our seasonal style. So get ready to spark your next summer mani inspiration with the top nail trends taking over the season.

From classic white tips to bold hot pinks, this guide covers everything you need to know about summer 2023 nails - so grab your polishes and let's dive in! The sun is shining, and so should your manicure - it's time to find your perfect summer nail match.

White Staple: Effortless Simplicity

Nothing says effortless summer style like a fresh set of clean, white nails. The simplicity and versatility of an all-white manicure allow it to seamlessly complement practically any seasonal outfit, mood, or activity.

For a versatile look, classic opaque white polish provides a solid clean base that pairs with every ensemble. But don't be afraid to experiment! French tips, negative space designs, neons, and pastels infuse new life into a white manicure.

The secret to a long-lasting perfect white manicure lies in proper prep. Begin by exfoliating and cleansing nails to remove any residue. Apply two thin, even coats of white polish and top with a base coat and hardening topcoat designed for gel-like wear and shine. For a high-gloss finish, buff the nails after each layer dries.

Whether minimalist chic or maximalist vibrant, a classic white manicure updated for summer will provide the simplest yet most fashion-forward addition to your seasonal wardrobe.

Hot Pink: Bold and Vibrant Statements

french tips

Hot pink nails are the epitome of boldness and vibrancy during summer. This eye-catching neon shade radiates boundless energy, exudes a playful aura, and ignites an irresistible desire to embrace the joyous moments under the sun.

For hot pink nail polish, the bolder and more electric the shade, the greater the impact it makes for a summer statement. Neon fuchsia hot pinks provide the boldest pop of color, while bubblegum pinks offer a softer, sweeter alternative. Both work well with lightly tanned or olive skin tones.

Try layering two contrasting hot pink shades in an ombré gradient or floral theme for elevated nail art. French tips and accent nails in contrasting shades like white or yellow complement hot pink nicely. Add glitter, studs, or tiny pearls for extra shine and texture.

All the Orange: A Citrus Burst of Sunshine

Nothing captures summer's warmth, cheerfulness, and boundless energy quite like a set of sun-kissed orange nails. From tangerine to burnt sienna, the diverse tones within the orange family allow you to dial up the summer vibrancy to match your personal style and complexion.

For fair to light skin, look too pale apricot or peach tones that contrast nicely without overwhelming. Olive and medium tones suit fiery corals and tangerines with just enough sunburn. And rich dark oranges flatter deep complexions, evoking the intense warmth of a setting summer sun.

When it comes to orange nail art this season, think of stripes, semicircles, and floral motifs in contrasting shades within the orange family. French tips and reverse nail art using negative space also elevate a basic orange manicure. Add shimmer or glitter for a touch of festive sparkle.

Cobalt Blue: Deep Coolness and Tranquility

Nothing channels cool sophistication quite like cobalt blue nails this summer. The deep, inky hue evokes a sense of peace and elegance that harmonizes with laidback summer vibes.

Of all blues, cobalt offers the most intriguing contrast to golden-tanned skin and bright colors. Navy and sky provide softer, breezier alternatives.

When styling cobalt nails, look to stripes and chevrons that draw eyes upward. Accent nails in contrasting colors like yellow, orange, or purple beautifully complement cobalt. For a French tip effect, paint a thin cobalt stripe at the base of short rounded tips.

However you style your cobalt manicure, the cheerful yet sophisticated hue elevates your summer style, instilling calm composure - perfect for savoring languid days by the sea in sun-dappled cobalt that matches the brilliance of crashing waves and expertly frames your golden skin.

Instant tranquility will follow once you dip your fingers into cobalt blue this summer. Are you ready to channel cool sophistication?

Lime Green: Freshness and Tropical Vibes

Lime green perfectly encapsulates the fresh, tropical vibes of summer.

Lime offers the brightest, highlighter shade within greens that matches carefree summer styles. Darker emeralds and army greens provide earthier options.

Pair citrus motifs like lemons, limes, and oranges with lime green for a fun, sun-soaked effect. Chevron French tips and half-moon designs in contrasting shades of green and yellow also work well. Add crystals, studs, or charms for extra island flair.

No matter the shade or style, lime green nails will have you channeling your inner tropical goddess - fulfilling fantasies of sandy beaches and swaying palms with every flash of manicured fingers.

Embrace the spirit of summer by diving into the freshness that only lime green can offer. Find inspiration in citrus, florals, and beach vibes, then pair it with your favorite summer outfit to escape to paradise.

Viva Magenta: Bold Glamour for Summer Nights

A vibrant set of magenta nails is the best way to add striking glitz to summer nights.

Deeper wine tones of the magenta family conjure sensuality and intensity, whilst lighter fuchsia tones appeal to young exuberance. Try different colors to see which one best captures your personality and mood.

Think of vibrant citrus designs and floral themes while creating magenta nail art this season to go with the feminine yet edgy base color. Holographic gradients, elaborate marbled effects, and French tips with a chevron-like taper are also effective.

Infusing you with a sense of assertive self-confidence and stylish flair, the seductive color of a magenta manicure can improve your summer night looks-from candlelit dinners to rooftop parties-no matter what tint or style you choose.

So plunge your fingers into the vibrant world of magenta and get ready to shine brightest and most enthusiastically at night!


Whether you choose long-lasting gel polish or DIY press-on nails, experimenting with summer's trendiest colors is the perfect way to reflect your personal style and love of all things bright and beautiful during the sunny months. Brands like LUSH BEAUTY are launching press-on collections designed with the year's hottest hues in mind, making it easier than ever to switch up your manicure on a whim.

Whichever color or nail trend captures your heart this season, remember that confidence and joy are the most flattering nail shades. So embrace the fresh starts and new possibilities that summer offers by decorating your fingers with the vibrancy and spirit of the season - whether through classic red tips, cool cobalt blues, or any of the above trends. After all, your manicure directly reflects your inner sunshine, girl!

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