Top 5 Nail Art Moments at Met Gala 2023

Top 5 Nail Art Moments at Met Gala 2023

The 2023 Met Gala was a dazzling display of fashion, beauty, and nail art. While in the past, manicures may not have been a significant focus of the event, this year, celebrities stepped up their game with eye-catching and intricate nail designs, taking inspiration from iconic designer Karl Lagerfeld's runway shows. From Rihanna's elegant flower nails to Suki Waterhouse's adorable butterfly nails, there were plenty of standout moments that deserve recognition.

In this article, we showcase five of the most impressive nail art looks that might have been missed amidst all the glitz and glamour of the red carpet. Now let's explore our favorite nail moments together!

Sydney Sweeney

Zola Ganzorigt, the artist who collaborated with Sydney Sweeney and OPI for her Met Gala nail look, shared that they aimed to replicate the beautiful embellishments on Sydney's Miu Miu gown onto her nails.

To achieve this, they opted for a crystal ombre effect using a sheer and skin-like nude color for the base. Zola used her all-time favorite combo of Bubble Bath topped with Bare My Soul to create a chic and classic look. They then added crystals to make it even more glamorous, which perfectly tied into the Met theme of timeless fashion.

Zola shared these details on her Instagram and expressed her excitement about working on such a high-profile event with Sydney Sweeney and OPI.


Rihanna's Met Gala 2023 attire was reminiscent of a modern Chanel bride, and her gorgeous manicure tied the look together perfectly.

Her medium-length nails had a beautiful and subtle French design with a pale pink base that blended seamlessly into a sheer milky tip. This classic French manicure added an elegant touch to her overall style while staying on-trend. However, it was the three-dimensional white camellias that really made her nails stand out from the crowd, paying homage to Karl Lagerfeld's obsession with the iconic flower.

The meticulous attention to detail in Rihanna's nails is a great example of how even slight variations to a timeless trend like French nails can elevate the look to new heights.

press-on nails

Rita Ora

One of the standout nail looks of this year's Met Gala is undoubtedly Naomi Yasuda's work on Rita Ora, which beautifully complemented her sheer black dress with a range of long chains hanging from each nail.

The set featured black nails adorned with strings of chains and pearls of different lengths and sizes, accented with an array of charming embellishments. We were particularly impressed by the way Naomi Yasuda creatively incorporated the varied length of the chains into the overall design, making it truly unique and eye-catching, elevating Rita Ora's look to another level.

Jessica Chastain

At the 2023 Met Gala, nail artist Julia Kandalec added a touch of sparkle to Jessica Chastain's nails by sprinkling crystals on them. This detail was specifically included so that they could shine through the actress's Gucci gloves, adding a luxurious and glamorous element to her overall look.

Suki Waterhouse

Suki Waterhouse made heads turn at the 2023 Met Gala in her beautiful sheer nude floral dress, complemented by her adorable butterfly nails. If you're looking to recreate this look, follow this simple tutorial.

Start by filing your nails into a short, round shape and push-back cuticles. Clean underneath nails and buff their surface before trimming excess cuticles. Apply a base coat and two layers of sheer nude polish.

Then add a non-wipe glossy topcoat and cure for a smooth finish. Apply vintage butterfly nail stickers, followed by a gold decal, and then secure with another base coat.

Finally, complete the look using a non-wipe glossy topcoat and cuticle oil to moisturize. At our press-on nails range, we are considering incorporating this design to offer trendy yet effortless nail art to all fashion enthusiasts.


The 2023 Met Gala saw a significant rise in nail art with celebrities flaunting unique and intricate designs like crystal embellishments, three-dimensional flowers, and more. These nail looks perfectly complimented the event's theme of timeless fashion, showcasing the creativity and talent of designers. The inspiring trend has encouraged us at LUSH BEAUTY to incorporate similar ideas into our upcoming line of press-on nails for 2023. Stay tuned as we strive to offer trendy and effortless nail art options that help all fashion enthusiasts express themselves.

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